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Reasons When Your Insurance Company Refuses To Pay The Claim

There are so many reasons when your insurance company refuses to pay a claim, take a look at these top 07 reasons when your insurance company refuses to pay a claim and keep it in mind.


Exclusions are a part of all insurance policies. Your claim will probably be rejected if the damage to your property was caused by one of the exclusionary events.


The Damage Is Excluded


Every year, fraud costs insurance companies billions of dollars. Insurance companies need proof to stop fraud. They might want images and videos of the damage or invoices attesting to the cost of specific things.

You Didn't Present Enough Proof


You might be tempted to choose the lowest insurance policy you can find when applying, but this usually results in a limited level of coverage.

Not Having Adequate Cover

You are expected to immediately inform your insurance provider that you have been in an accident. Your insurance provider should be one of the first calls you make following the event 


 Failed To Inform Insurance Company


Make sure to carefully read the fine print when buying insurance so you know what coverage renews automatically and what you have to do manually.

Your Insurance Has Expired Or Lapsed


You may be driving without coverage if you don't make your payments on time since you will lose the ability to use your insurance.

Payment Lapse


It is essential that you get medical attention right away if you are hurt after a car accident or during another event. If you wait a week or more to get medical care, the insurance provider could use the delay as justification to reject your claim.

Not seeking immediate treatment

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