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 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed


Here is the list of 9 types of insurance policies you may not have known existed. Believe me some of them will shock you for sure.

In terms of popularity and celebrity, the unexpected frequently stands out. And if your unique trait(body part) is bringing in a lot of money, you can insure it.


Body Part Insurance

Wedding insurance may protect everything from the location to the photographer, ensuring that bad weather, mishaps, or even intoxicated guests won’t disrupt your big day.


Wedding Insurance

What if there isn't a wedding due of a change of heart .There is insurance to cover the possibility that someone would change their mind and cancel everything. 


Change Of Heart Insurance

It's a good idea to buy a separate insurance coverage to protect your treasured items, whether you have a room full of priceless action figures or a collection of sneakers worth five figures.


Collectibles Insurance

You can purchase lottery insurance if you're concerned that your small business won't survive the exodus.


Lottery Insurance

In the event that you or a loved one is taken hostage by aliens, insurance against alien abduction can help.


Alien Abduction Insurance

Paranormal insurance pays money in the event that someone is hurt or killed by a ghost.


Paranormal Insurance

Many comedians actually take death by laughter insurance to protect them in such a case, just to be safe.


Death by laughter Insurance

Parents with twins, triplets, or more babies might get multiple birth insurance to help with the additional costs.


Multiple Births Insurance

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