US Based Insurtech Firm Lemonade Launches in UK

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Lemonade, the New York based insurtech company with AI capabilities, has launched in the UK. Lemonade’s AI empowers it to compete with major players in international markets.

Founded in 2015, Lemonade’s flagship renters insurance was launched in the U.S. in 2016. With a quote and claim process that takes only seconds, customers can enjoy peace of mind when renting their homes.

Residents of the UK can now insure their belongings with Lemonade and receive a Defaqto 5 Star Rating. They can take out policies through the app or online starting at only £4 (US$4.50) a month.

Lemonade includes contents insurance for up to £2,000 (US$2,232) of individual personal items, total coverage up to £100,000 (US$111,607) and no cancellation fees as a part of the price. Add-on coverage is also available for theft, loss and accidents.

“I’m from the UK, and insurance as we know it is too. Therefore, introducing Lemonade to the UK is both professionally and personally a form of homecoming, according to co-CEO and co-founder Daniel Schreiber of Lemonade. “We think Lemonade’s offerings will be well-liked by the millions of tenants in the area. Who, after all, doesn’t want immediate, transparent, tailored insurance?

Lemonade is partnering with insurance company Aviva to have the long-term, strategic reinsurance partnership in the UK.


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Aviva is thrilled to be chosen as Lemonade’s long-term partner in the UK. Aviva shares a similar outlook for how digital, artificial intelligence, and data can transform customer experiences.

Aviva, an insurance company for the UK market, has announced a new partnership with Lemonade to expand their reach in the industry. This will include more products and services for renters, an under-served yet growing segment of the market.

Lemonade Insurance NV is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and subject to limited regulation by the Prudential Regulatory Authority. In addition to traditional insurance, Lemonade also offers a Giveback program in which customers select non-profit organizations to receive leftover premiums from their policy benefits.

Through its full-stack insurance providers, Lemonade provides homeowners, renters, and pet health insurance in the US, contents and liability insurance in Germany and the Netherlands, and renters insurance in France and the UK. With the help of bots and machine learning, Lemonade, an artificial intelligence and behavioural economics startup, set out to eliminate brokers and red tape with zero paperwork and rapid quotes and claims.


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