9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

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The majority of insurance products cover common needs that many individuals have, including auto or home insurance. However, insurance coverage isn’t just for the commonplace items that we all need to be protected. You can also obtain a wide choice of specialty insurance policies to cover, well, pretty much anything you can think of. (And possibly some things you can’t.)

From cold feet insurance in case the wedding doesn’t happen, to paranormal insurance in the event there’s an injury with a ghost or poltergeist in the home, there is an insurance plan for every situation imaginable.

This blog post will familiarize you with the 9 types of insurance policies you may not have known existed. Believe me some of them will shock you for sure. So now without any further adio, let’s get started!

List of 9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed :

1. Body part insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

In terms of popularity and celebrity, the unexpected frequently stands out. And if your unique trait is bringing in a lot of money, you can insure it.

People might have heard about Jennifer Lopez insuring her butt, but she’s not the first person to do so. Other individuals insured their head hair – Tom Jones was reported to have a policy of $7M! – and taste buds in the case of a few prominent food scientists. Of course, there are numerous World Cup athletes who take out insurance policies for any part of their body which could be important to their performance.

2. Wedding insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

It goes without saying that weddings are costly. In actuality, the average wedding costs upwards of $30,000. It seems reasonable that you would want to insure your event because that would almost be enough to purchase a new car. Wedding insurance may protect everything from the location to the photographer, ensuring that bad weather, mishaps, or even intoxicated guests won’t disrupt your big day.

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3. Change of heart insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

All potential wedding-related problems are covered by standard wedding insurance. What occurs, though, if there isn’t a wedding due of a change of heart rather than a natural disaster or inebriated and rowdy guests? There is insurance to cover the possibility that someone would change their mind and cancel everything. Even yet, it begs the question: Why get married if you’re uncertain enough to purchase change of heart insurance?

4. Collectibles insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

Most of us either know a collector or are collectors ourselves. Few things are as valuable to collectors as their collection. Traditional homeowners insurance may not be enough to cover large or expensive showings, but it will help with smaller or more common collections. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy a separate insurance coverage to protect your treasured items, whether you have a room full of priceless action figures or a collection of sneakers worth five figures.

5. Lottery insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

It’s a situation you’d see in a movie rather than in real life: When the office lotto pool wins large, everyone ends their 9 to 5 jobs. But this unbelievable story has actually happened before. Additionally, you can purchase lottery insurance if you’re concerned that your small business won’t survive the exodus.

6. Alien abduction insurance

Being kidnapped by aliens is a genuine and constant threat, despite the fact that it may seem ridiculous to certain people. Congratulations if you belong to the latter category! In the event that you or a loved one is taken hostage by aliens, insurance against alien abduction can help.


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7. Paranormal insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

Paranormal phenomena can be extremely deadly, as any good — or even bad — sci-fi movie illustrates. And although promoting your haunted house as a must-see attraction is fine and wonderful, who are you going to call if a guest is hurt while visiting your hotel’s haunts? Paranormal insurance pays money in the event that someone is hurt or killed by a ghost.

8. Death by laughter insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

Death by laughter may sound like a joke, but there have been cases where people literally laughed themselves to death. Therefore, many comedians actually take death by laughter insurance to protect them in such a case, just to be safe.

9. Multiple births insurance

9 Insurance Types You Never Knew Existed

The cost of having a child is already high. Even with fantastic health insurance, the price of diapers alone might fund a trip to a tropical destination (or two). Imagine those expenses being increased by several babies all at once. Parents with twins, triplets, or more babies might get multiple birth insurance to help with the additional costs.

Last Words :

There are a lot of different types of insurance out there, and it can be tough to keep track of them all. However, it’s important to be aware of the different types of insurance that are available to you so that you can make sure you’re properly protected. We hope this article has helped you learn about some of the lesser-known types of insurance and given you a better understanding of the coverage they provide.

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