Best Boat Insurance In Texas: What You Need To Know? (2022)

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Texas is a great state for boaters, with plenty of waterways to explore. But before you set sail, make sure you know how to protect your boat from unforeseen events.

The best method to secure your boat is to purchase boat insurance. Whether you require it or not, it is strongly advised. Therefore, it is essential to educate yourself with every aspect of Texas boat insurance.

Boat insurance is one of the most important types of coverage you can have. Without coverage on your boat, you could end up facing serious financial trouble if anything happens to it. 

You might have a lot of questions in your mind, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!  To help you decide whether or not to buy boat insurance in Texas, we have attempted to answer all the necessary questions.

So without further ado, lets get started!

What is boat insurance?

Boats provide a unique environment for those who choose to live on them. Boats can take you places that cars and other modes of transportation can’t, and the outdoor lifestyle can be immersive and enjoyable.

 However, boat owners also need to think about the fact that a boat is an expensive piece of machinery. It’s an investment that can be damaged or destroyed if not maintained properly. That’s where boat insurance comes in. 

Boat insurance is a type of insurance that protects your financial investment by covering damage or loss to your boat. Depending on the type of boat and coverage you choose, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of boat insurance without incurring significant extra costs.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Texas boat insurance.

Why Is Boat Insurance Necessary?

Boats are expensive to buy. But boat insurance is necessary to protect your investment. You may be required to have boat insurance if you own a boat or are a boat operator, such as a boat rental business.

You’ll need to get coverage for your boat no matter where it is, and regardless of whether you keep it in your garage or put it on a lake for the summer. Boats can be stolen, damaged by natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornados, or destroyed by fire. So, it’s important to protect your boat’s value against these risks.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the coverage that boat insurance provides. 

The specific types of coverage you should be aware of include:

  • Liability protection: This protects you should your boat cause damage to another person or property while in operation. For example, if your boat accidentally causes some damage to someone else’s property or injures a person while on the water, liability coverage can help cover the costs associated with paying for repairs/medical bills. 

  • Property damage: This coverage can be helpful if your boat sustains damage while in operation due to problems such as mechanical failures or accidents. 

  • Medical payments: If a person on your boat sustains an injury while in operation and requires medical attention, medical payments coverage can help cover the costs of those medical expenses. 

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: This can help protect you in the event that an accident occurs and the other driver is at fault but either lacks sufficient insurance or does not have any insurance at all.

Types of Coverage

When it comes to the different types of coverage that you can receive with boat insurance in Texas, the types you can choose from vary based on the type of policy you decide to purchase. 

  • Standard/basic boat insurance: This type of policy is the least expensive option and works well for those who don’t use their boat frequently. Standard/basic boat insurance policies typically cover liability, damage to your vessel, and other types of protection, but they often have lower coverage limits and higher deductibles. 

  • Extended/standard boat insurance: This type of policy is more expensive than standard coverage but features higher coverage limits and lower deductibles than basic insurance. Extended/standard policies often come with added benefits such as hull/motor coverage, trip interruption coverage, living expenses coverage, and more. 

  • Specialty boat insurance: This type of policy is typically more expensive than standard/extended insurance policies and comes with added benefits such as towing/bunkering coverage, storm/flood coverage, and medical expenses coverage.

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How much does boat insurance cost in Texas?

Best Boat Insurance Companies in Texas

The price of boat insurance varies from company to company. But, if you know where to look, you can find a boat insurance policy that suits your needs at a price that’s affordable. 

The price of boat insurance varies based on a number of factors, including the type of boat you have and where you live. The price of a comprehensive boat insurance policy typically depends on several factors, including the size of the vessel, the value of the boat, where you live, and who you choose as your insurance agent. 

To get an accurate quote, you’ll need to know these details about your boat and your insurance needs.

Factors that influence the cost of boat insurance

The types of boat you have, where you live, and the value of the boat all affect the cost of your boat insurance.

The size of your boat also affects the price of your policy. The larger your boat is, the more likely your policy will cost you.

The location of where you live also has an impact on the price of your boat insurance. If you live in a coastal area, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay more for your boat insurance than if you live inland.

Another factor that affects the cost of boat insurance is your boat value. If your boat is worth more than if it were a car, the cost of your boat insurance will likely be higher as well.

What are Texas Boat Insurance Requirements?

Boat insurance is not required by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department but is recommended. If you are financing your vessel, your lender will require you to have insurance. Even if insurance is not required, consider the benefits of protecting your investment and yourself financially.

There are many different types and amounts of coverage available, so speak with an agent about what is best for you. Some optional coverages to consider are collision, comprehensive, on-water towing and assistance, personal effects coverage and more.

Be sure to ask your insurance agent about any discounts that may be available to you such as multi-boat, boater safety course discounts and more.

How to Get the Best Price on Boat Insurance in Texas

Best Boat Insurance Companies in Texas

As with any type of coverage, boat insurance often comes with different price points based on your boat, your age, and your area.

 You can’t control the fact that you live in a high-risk area or that you’re of a certain age, but there are a few steps you can take to get the best price on boat insurance in Texas. 

First and foremost, it’s important to shop around for boat insurance quotes. You should also take a look at how your current insurance policy stacks up, as you may be able to lower your premium by raising your deductible. 

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure you have enough coverage to replace your boat in the event that it is damaged or stolen. When determining how much coverage to purchase, keep your boat’s value in mind. 

It’s also important to remember that the minimum amount of coverage required by the state is $100,000 per vessel.

Is boat insurance compulsory in Texas?

It is not legally required to insure your boat or watercraft in Texas, unlike auto insurance. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t consider boat insurance. This means that if you own a boat, you need to consider purchasing boat insurance. If you don’t have boat insurance on your boat, you could face a large fine if you are caught.

If your boat is damaged or destroyed as a result of a covered incident, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company to receive compensation for these costs. But, it’s important to note that claims are only valid if you have insurance. If you don’t have boat insurance and your boat is damaged, you could be left with a hefty bill. So, it’s important to make sure your boat is covered by boat insurance.

What are some low-cost options for boat insurance?

If you want to save on the cost of your boat insurance, there are a few things you can try. 

  • One way is to shop around to several different providers. Make sure you ask your insurance agent to look at your boat insurance quotes from different companies to see if you can find a lower rate. If you can, try switching to a different company. 

  • Another way to lower your boat insurance costs is to shop around for a better company that offers discounts for bundling your home and auto insurance. There are a few companies that will grant you a discount if you bundle your boat and auto policies together.

What are the most expensive types of boats for insurance?

Best Boat Insurance Companies in Texas

The most expensive types of boats for insurance are luxury yachts, sailboats, and boats that are used for commercial purposes, such as fishing or water taxi services.

These types of boats cost more to insure because of their increased riskiness. In Texas, sailboats, catamarans, and laser boats are the most expensive types of boats for insurance.

These types of boats are likely to have a high value because they require a significant investment of time, money, and expertise to operate safely. This can increase the cost of your boat insurance by a significant amount.

Final Words: Is Boat Insurance Worth It?

It’s important to remember that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to boat insurance, and it’s important that you know what coverage you need and how much you should pay for it.

Boat insurance is necessary since it can help protect you financially should your boat experience damage or become stolen.

Indeed, the cost of insuring a boat varies depending on your individual needs, the type of boat you own, and where you live. If you own a boat, it’s important to keep in mind that you should have coverage to protect yourself financially in the event that your vessel suffers damage or becomes stolen.


We hope that this blog post has helped you understand what you need to know about boat insurance in Texas. Whether you are a first-time boat owner or a seasoned veteran, it is important to make sure that you have the right coverage in place.

Boat insurance can protect your investment and give you peace of mind when out on the water. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to speak with a licensed agent who can help tailor a policy to meet your specific needs.


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