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Cheapinsurancetc is a platform which provides latest news about the insurance sector. We aim to provide valuable information on the various insurance products and services, as well as give you an idea of how to save money on your insurance needs.

We are trying to bring transparency in this sector by providing information related to premiums, deals, discounts and other stuff as well.

This site is a one stop solution where you can find monthly insurance sector guidelines and other tools related to investments.

The site provides in-depth coverage of the latest trends in the industry and delivers articles that are informative and fun to read.

We also cover latest news specifically related to insurance industry only.


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Hi, my name is Kavya Singh and I am the author of cheapinsurancetc.net. I am a banker, blogger & youtuber who loves to read and write about different financial topics. On this site I will be covering a specific industry or topic i.e. INSURANCE. This site is dedicated towards updating people about the latest information related to Insurance sector only.